An initiative of organizations supporting clean water, farmland, biodiversity, and healthy communities.


Tell your MPP to keep American fracked gas out of our natural areas

Proposed changes to city and town planning rules will allow more sprawl, eat up more farmland, pollute our rivers, and destroy wetlands and forests.                                                                                                                                                                                         

Massive changes to Conservation Authorities mean development could be allowed closer to rivers, wetlands and forests. This threatens more floods, toxic chemicals in our drinking water and reduced wildlife habitat.

The law to protect endangered species, our most sensitive plants and animals has been gutted. Now developers want to build in the places they live.                                                                                                                                   

The Ontario government cancelled Ontario’s Climate Action Plan and is now fighting to stop the federal government from taking climate action.                                                                                                                                               

Ontario’s Toxic Reduction Act was repealed, meaning thousands of tonnes more toxic chemicals will go into our air. Reduced climate action also means more dirty air in our communities.                                   

Groups throughout Ontario are taking action to protect our water, forests and natural areas. Visit the hotspots map to see what communities are impacted.                                                                                                                              

Ontario is Not for Sale

Our provincial government likes to say Ontario is “Open for Business”. But we know that a good place to live and do business is a place where the environment is protected.

Right now, our government is allowing a few rich powerful people in a few industries to decide what environmental laws and policies to scrap. They are pushing to overturn decades of environmental protections to maximize their profits. We think this is a horrible mistake that is bad for nature, people and the economy. That’s why we came together to say that we live here, we love this province and we are not going to let it be dug up, paved over, polluted and exploited for the benefit of the very few at the cost of the very many.

Ontario’s endangered species, farmland and clean air and water are NOT FOR SALE.

Find out what’s at Risk

See what areas are most vulnerable to decreased environmental protections. Your home could be exposed to increased flood risk or your favourite vacation spot could be paved over.

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Engage your MPP

Let your member of provincial parliament know that Ontario’s environment is not for sale. Let them know that you value natural areas and endangered species and a healthy future over profits.

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Sign the Petition

Join thousands of Ontarians who are standing up to say that our environment is not for sale.

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